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Offer Your Affiliates An Easier Way To Get Paid

When you operate an affiliate network, you work with many affiliates (publishers) from all over the world. Paying them all requires a lot of work and costs a lot of money in bank fees.

We offer a solution for both Affiliates and Affiliates Networks. As an affiliate network owner, you can mass payout all your affiliates from your Paydek Payment Account, even if they do not have a Paydek account.


Save money by using our Mass Payout Solution for all your affiliate payments. We support multiple payment options for your affiliates to choose from.

  • Mass Payouts

    We offer you a way to simplify your payroll to your affiliates. If your affiliates do not already have a Paydek account, there are other ways to pay them such as:

    • Wire Transfers
    • Local Bank Transfers
    • Payouts to any Visa / MasterCard / Union Pay cards
  • Cost Savings

    Due to our volume we negotiate much better rates with our banking partners. These cost savings are passed over to you. An average affiliate network can save up to 30% of their banking fees when switching payouts to

  • Easy Integration

    We offer multiple ways to send us your files with payees. Just login to your web- based portal and upload a CSV file with all your payees. A seamless REST based API integration is also available.